Mossify Shade Growable Moss
Mossify Shade Growable Moss
Mossify Shade Growable Moss
Mossify Shade Growable Moss
Mossify Shade Growable Moss
Mossify Shade Growable Moss

Mossify Shade Growable Moss

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Mossify Shade Growable Moss

Add some lush green to your flagstone joints, landscaping or terrarium! The Growable Moss for the Shade is a flexible, slow-growing moss with an excellent transplant success rate. This moss thrives in the shade and may even withstand moderate sunlight, but not direct afternoon sun.

Quick facts:

  • One bag of Growable Moss for the Shade contains 16 oz. of moss fragments.
  • One bag of Growable Moss for the Shade covers up to 15 square ft.
  • The Growable Moss for the Shade is softly glossy and its colour will tend to fluctuate from shiny emerald green when moist to a brownish green tone when dried out. 
  • A package of Growable Moss for the Shade includes a premium shade-loving moss mix with an organic tackifier gel powder.

How to apply:

  1. Place the Growable Moss for the Shade in a bucket with a few cups of water or spread the moss on your desired area and mist the area with water.
  2. If you placed the Growable Moss in a bucket, let it stand for around 10 minutes.
  3. Then apply the gel-like paste to any surface, whether it be pavement, wood, flagstone, rock or soil. Just make sure that your desired shaded area is cleared from all weeds, leaves and debris. 
  4. Once you start watering the area you applied your Growable Moss for the Shade daily, you will start seeing moss grow as early as in 6 weeks.
  5. Keep in mind that this type of moss grows at a much slower pace than most. So, being patient and persistent is key!

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