Attract birds to your garden! Shop feeders, seeds, houses & more!

Bird food, feeders, houses, baths & more.

Create an an oasis for birds by providing feeders, houses and or feed. We have a curated selection in store!

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Birds enhance your garden.

Because birds eat much more than seed, suet, and nectar, attracting and nurturing your backyard bird population will create benefits like organic insect pest control and increased flower pollination, which result in more luxurious flowerbeds!

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Copper Bird Baths!

Their elegant design suits any backyard and provides respite for birds. Shop in store.

Bird Feeders & Houses

Make feeding easy with one of our wooden or glass bird feeders.

Seed & Nectar

Our favorite Sweet Nectar Hummingbird Nectar is organic & free of articifial dyes.

Bird Baths

From traditional cement to lightweight copper, we have beautiful baths for birds.