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From longtime proven winners to new and compelling varieties, we have the annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, houseplants and edibles to satisfy your gardening desires and the most beautiful garden shopping experience around.

We carry brand-names such as Proven Winners, Knock-Out Roses, Endless Summer Hydrangeas, Chef Jeff's and more!


Landscape Staples

Can be found throughout our tree & shrub areas. Shop 1gal, 2gal and 3gal shrubs, grown locally by reputable South Jersey growers.

Explore our greenhouses.

For lush, green indoor plants & succulents, perfectly suited for your home.

We typically carry:
- Air Plants
- Bromeliad
- Dracaena
- Ferns
- Fiddle Leaf Figs
- Monstera Deliciosa
- Palms
- Peperomia
- Philodendron
- Pothos
- Orchids
- Sansevieria
- Schefflera
- Succulents & Cacti
- ZZ Plant

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Succulents for your event!

Interested in exciting your guests with succulents as favors? We can help!

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Composts, soils & fertilizers.
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We're Proven Winners Certified!
Shop Proven Winners annuals, perennials & shrubs at Bast Brothers Garden Center.

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Here's what it means and why it matters to you as our customers:

- Master Nursery Garden Centers are leaders in the industry dedicated to helping home gardeners have great gardening experiences.

- As a “master nursery garden center”, Bast Brothers has exclusive access to Master Nursery branded products that are not available to regular garden centers.

- Master Nursery Garden Centers provide the finest plants, garden products and services. Master Nursery Garden Centers carry signature Master Nursery products.