Espoma 8qt Organic Cactus Potting Mix
Espoma 8qt Organic Cactus Potting Mix

Espoma 8qt Organic Cactus Potting Mix

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Organic Potting Mix for Cactus, Palms, and Citrus

  • All-natural, lightweight mix is formulated for cactus, palm, and citrus
  • Enhanced with Myco-tone® mycorrhizae to promote healthy roots
  • Water drains freely — yet retains enough moisture to support plants

This lightweight, peat-based mix is enhanced with Myco-tone, a special type of soil microbe that supports roots to enhance plant growth and reduce drought stress. It also contains nutrient-rich worm castings and sand, as well as limestone to adjust pH. Use it for new plants, and when you're repotting plants annually to freshen their roots' growing environment.

Product Details

  • 35-45% Canadian sphagnum peat moss; materials derived from aged forest products, aged humus and/or composted rice hulls; perlite; limestone; ectomycorrhizal fungi; endomycorrhizal fungi; yucca extract; worm castings, sand, recycled plastic and sugarcane resin bag
  • 8 dry quarts

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