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Return Policy


- Annuals, Perennials, Trees, Shrubs, Succulents, Air Plants, Cut Flowers -

It's a guarantee, not warranty. We guarantee our plants are healthy when they leave the Garden Center. We only source quality plants and take extra care while they are in our care. In order to keep our retails low, we do not offer a warranty on live goods. We do NOT have a warranty on any of our plants due to (but not limited to) Mother Nature, Acts Of God and Owner/Operator error. 

Plants must be given sufficient light, water, and suitable soil conditions. If your plant starts to appear unhealthy, please bring a sample to our staff for analysis and recommendations.


- Pottery, Home Decor, Candles, Books, Gardening Tools, Ect. -

We accept returns up to 30 days with original receipt. Returns without a receipt will not be accepted. We do not accept returns for broken pottery. 




We welcome you! We love that you love our grounds as the backdrop to family portrait sessions, engagement shoots and maternity shoots! If you would like to shoot at our location, please fill out the form below to alert us when you would like to photograph on our grounds. Please be mindful of customers while shooting!


  • We must be tagged in all photos posted online (this is instead of requiring a fee to shoot here).

  • Customers have the right of way.  Please let them shop without the fear that they are interrupting your photos.

  • Please don’t close any doors to make a better back drop.

  • Please don’t go into our event space in the back with out checking with the staff first.

  • Please park at the far end (from the entrance) of our parking lot.

  • All photographers are to be careful of any equipment they bring with them as there is a lot of water at the garden center.  We are not responsible for any damaged or stolen equipment. 

FALL 2019 Policy: We allow photography between 10am and 6pm on weekday’s and 12-4pm on Sunday’s. No fee for shooting throughout the garden center property, with the exception of our sunflower fields.

SUNFLOWER FIELD POLICY: Please inquire below to secure a date to shoot in our sunflower fields! We allow professional photography sessions and require a $35/hr site fee on weekdays (Mon-Fri) and $45/hr site fee on weekends (Sat-Sun). Note that the sunflowers won’t bloom forever, so plan accordingly!

CHRISTMAS 2019 Policy: Due to the high demand of photography requests we receive for the holiday season, we will be requiring all photographers to book a time slot to take photos. We will also be requiring a $50/hr site fee to reserve your time slot. A $20 non-refundable deposit is required to book a time slot and the balance ($30) will be due at the time of the shoot, to be paid to Bast Brothers Garden Center. Book your time below!

Be sure to tag Bast Brothers Garden center as the location and tag us @bastbrothers, when sharing on Facebook, Instagram or a blog post!

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