GardenStraw 3cf Organic Straw Mulch
GardenStraw 3cf Organic Straw Mulch
GardenStraw 3cf Organic Straw Mulch
GardenStraw 3cf Organic Straw Mulch
GardenStraw 3cf Organic Straw Mulch

GardenStraw 3cf Organic Straw Mulch

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GardenStraw 3cf Organic Straw Mulch
Whether it’s a hobby, a passion, or a lifestyle, a generation of green thumbs find themselves in their gardens, looking to grow and nurture their plants. And there is a push among gardeners to find natural, sustainable solutions for our plants and ourselves.

That being said, gardening is not easy. It is a constant battle with the elements. From getting too much sun to not enough, from constant watering to endless weeding, plants need a certain delicate balance of care to thrive.

That’s where GardenStraw comes in: clean, consistent and convenient garden mulch made from 100% premium wheat straw that reduces watering, weeding, and damage to your plants.

GardenStraw is processed to the ideal length and form that encourages healthy plant life. Through our rigorous, innovative process, GardenStraw is virtually seed-free, dust-free, filtered for any impurities, such as dirt and metals.

  • Garden & Flower Beds/Containers 
    • Reduce watering by up to 50%
    • Prevents most weed seed from germinating
    • Keeps soil cool and moist
    • Shields plants from mud splatter from rain
    • Reduces risk of tomato blight and reduces the number of potato beetles
    • Your shoes stay clean; soft to walk on bare feet
    • Softness acts as natural cushion for knees and joints
    • Mix into hard clay soils to improve soil fertility
  • New Lawn Seeding 
    • Reduces seed loss; seeds stay in place better
    • Minimizes weed seed germination
    • Keeps soil cool and moist
    • No removal necessary
  • Composting 
    • An excellent carbon material for your compost bin
    • Adding to indoor compost pail reduces odors
    • Makes great compost to add into garden
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