Bumper Crop Organic Soil Builder 1CF Bag
Bumper Crop Organic Soil Builder 1CF Bag
Bumper Crop Organic Soil Builder 1CF Bag
Bumper Crop Organic Soil Builder 1CF Bag

Bumper Crop Organic Soil Builder 1CF Bag

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Master Nursery® Bumper Crop® Organic Soil Builder, 1 CF Bag

Bumper Crop Soil Builder has been formulated especially with the vegetable gardener in mind! 

Key Product Features:
  • Nutrient-rich soil conditioner helps poor soils
  • Great for amending planting holes, top-dressing, garden beds and aerating compacted soil
  • OMRI listed; Organic blend of composed manure, shellfish compost, worm castings, kelp, peat and aged bark
  • Inoculated with ECTO and ENDO MYCHORRIZAE to improve root function for healthy plants

Use Bumper Crop Soil Builder for all of your in-ground flower planting. As a premium soil builder created exclusively by Master Nursery Garden Centers, Bumper Crop Soil Builder contains only the finest all natural, rich, organic composted ingredients. This versatile soil amendment is excellent for various garden uses. Bumper Crop Soil Builder can greatly improve the quality of your garden soil. It will loosen clay and other hard, compacted earths, improving drainage, planting texture, and aeration. It will help bind sandy or rocky soils to promote water retention. In all kinds of garden soils, Bumper Crop Soil Builder will make cultivation easier, provide better moisture absorption and retention, increase all-around soil aeration and provide a beneficial environment for micro-organisms.
  • 1cf bag
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