Arber Bio Insecticide 8oz Concentrate
Arber Bio Insecticide 8oz Concentrate
Arber Bio Insecticide 8oz Concentrate

Arber Bio Insecticide 8oz Concentrate

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ARBER Organic Bio Insecticide Concentrate, 8oz. Bottle

Arber’s Insecticide prevents insect and mite build up. It’s effective against plant bugs and the suppression of soil-dwelling pests both indoor and outdoors.


This unique formulation uses good bacteria (will not target beneficial insects and pollinators) to help your plants thrive free from pests. With over 20 natural compounds, this insecticide is effective against the smallest yet mightiest of pest insects and nematodes.

Arber’s Bio Insecticide uses three different modes of action to keep insects and pests at bay. It causes exoskeleton degradation against adults and nymphs. It causes molting interference in exposed nymphs, with immatures not being able to molt. Finally, insects and mites are subject to control through ingestion.

This insecticide can be used on vegetables, fruits, nuts, ornamental plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, foliage and tropical plants. 

Effective at controlling and preventing aphids, fungus, gnats, mites, mealybugs, leafhoppers, tent caterpillars, grubs, leaf beetles, thrips, whiteflies, stink bugs, fruit flies, and more.

Features & Benefits:

  • Multiple modes of action for effective control or suppression

  • Use on foliage or as a soil drench

  • 15oz bottle of concentrate

  • 2 year shelf life

  • Certified for Organic Gardening by CDFA/OIM

  • OMRI certified for organic use

  • Made in the USA

How to Use:

For best results, apply Arber Bio Insecticide when pest species are present, but before populations are causing visible damage. Also ideal for hydroponic setups.

  • Mix 0.25oz of concentrate with 32oz. of water OR 1oz - 2.5oz per gallon of water

  • Shake mixture and apply directly to soil or leaves

  • Keep mixture agitated while applying

  • Apply every 10-14 days for wellness and every 5-7 days for major disease control

Please note, this product should not sit for prolonged periods of time once mixed. For best results, mix a new batch for every use.

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