Check out our selection of gardening tools, pottery, soil & fertilizers and home garden solutions!

P.S. All season long, bring your kids in for our paint-your-own pumpkin station! Only $2 + price of pumpkin!

Live Goods

Locally grown. Carefully Curated.


This year we are fully stocked with a variety of pumpkins, in all shapes & sizes! Buy 3, save $3 on ANY pumpkins!

Ghost Pumpkins - Beautiful pastel pumpkins with unique shapes & textures. Each marked individually.

Sugar Pumpkins - Classic orange and small, perfect for painting!

Gourds & Pumpkins - Classic large orange pumpkins & multi-color gourds. Dress up your front porch with a mix!

Hay Bales & Corn Stalks - Set up a beautiful front door display with some hay bales, corn stalks, millet & pumpkins or use as impromtu outdoor seating! UPDATE: Corn stalks & millet SOLD OUT.

PAINT-YOUR-OWN Pumpkin Station

Bring your little ones to paint a pumpkin (or two)! Only $2 to paint + the price of the pumpkin. We clean up the mess!

Mums, millet & ornamental peppers

Dress up your front porch with some festive fall blooms!

Mums - Available in single color & tri-color! Shop our 6", 9", 12" and 14" pots. Also available in hanging baskets!

Millet - Show stopping & available in 2 colors, add some height to your fall garden display! UPDATE: Sold Out!

Ornamental Peppers - Available in 6" and 9" pots, add some zest & color with our ornamental peppers. 

Pansies - Buy by the pack or 6" pot! This hardy flower looks gorgeous in a window planter for Fall!

Broccoli - Shop this fall vegetable plant by the pack


We have an exciting new selection of indoor plants! Create Your Own Terrarium in our succulent shop.

Succulents - Shop the smallest of baby succulents to large, beautiful arrangements! Sold individually, unless potted as an arrangement.

Cacti - Shop a variety of sizes & colors from our cactus bar.

Tillandsias - Also know as air plants! Available in handing planters.

Trees & Shrubs

We've got a great assortment of trees & shrubs to make your landscaping dreams come to life!

Trees - Lace leaf Japanese maple, arborvitaes, dwarf alberta spruce, holly, cherry trees & more!

Shrubs - Azalea, rhododendrons, juniper, euonymus, boxwood and more!

Seasonal Decor

Shop our new assortment of novelty seasonal decor!

Just in - metal jack-o-lanterns, metal pumpkin lawn decor & metal pumpkin buckets! Compliment your fall front porch with these timeless, outdoor metal pumpkin decorations that will last for years!


quality home & garden supplies.


Now carrying quality outdoor furniture from Oxford Garden!

Shop our 5 store models and ask to see a catalog to view the entire collection. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Oxford Garden has perfected their assortment of outdoor furniture over the past 20 years.

Choose from a variety of high-end materials:

  • TEAK

Bast brothers candles


Soy Candles - Shop our hand poured candles made of 100% soy, grown by US farmers! Enjoy the crackling of the wooden wick & the mild scents!

Available in 4oz & 9oz


CLICK HERE to shop our candles!

Home Goods

Lanterns - Available in galvanized metal and two sizes. Perfect for decorating a mantel or front porch!

Hanging Glass Terrariums - Arrange your own terrarium with our assortment of individual succulents & hang by a window for sunlight!

Bottle Crate Carrier - Available in galvanized metal, organize bottles of wine or pots of herbs on your kitchen counter!

Plant Spritzer - Glass spritzers are perfect for watering terrariums & small house plants! Available in glass.



We have exciting new pottery & planting solutions for your home!

  • Galvanized planters
  • Aged terracotta pottery
  • Cement-imitation fiber clay pottery
  • Resin planters
  • Moca terracotta pottery

Wall Mount Containers - Hang these beautiful aged terracotta pots on any wall to grow your own vertical garden!

Raised Cedar Beds - Grow a beautiful vegetable garden in your own wooden garden bed! No tools required, assemble in minutes!

Vegetable Gardening

Grow the best vegetable garden this year, with the help of Bast Brothers.

Cucumber Trellis - Did you know that cucumbers grow best on an angle? Pick up a cucumber trellis with your cucumber plant to enjoy fresh cucumbers all season long!

Plant Rings & Garden Stakes - There's no reason to let your veggies struggle! Help them grow in your raised garden bed with some plant rings & garden stakes!


Fertilizers & Soil

We will be carrying a variety of synthetic & organic fertilizers and soil this Spring.

Healthy Grow - Plants & shrubs will love these organic & synthetic liquid and time release fertilizers!

Seedlingers - 'Fertilixer' fertilizer and plant food in soil additive and liquid concentrate form.

Soil - Sold by the bag, we will be carrying a variety of soil types to pair with your fertilizers. Shop trusted brands, like Miracle-Gro!

gardening supplies

Gardening Tools - Premium Joseph Bentley gardening tools & accessories, now available!

Watering Cans - Beautiful galvanized steel watering cans will be available in a variety of sizes & styles!

Garden Hoses – Our self-coiling garden hoses will be your favorite new gardening accessory!

Sprinkler Nozzle - We love using our butterfly wing 2-in-1 nozzle + sprinkler system! Available in 3 colors!

gardening tools.jpg

Fire Pits & Bird Houses

Fire Pits - Shop a variety of beautiful, modern fire pits that will be the perfect compliment to your backyard!

Bird Houses – Speaking of the backyard, why not hang a wooden bird house or bird feeder off your favorite tree?

Bird Feed - Fill those feeders with our assortment of bird feeds & hummingbird nectar.