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Annuals & Perennials

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An Annual plant is one that completes its life cycle within a year, from germination to mature growth, and then dies. Vibrant annuals are a quick way to add color to your landscapes for the spring and summer. They are also the best performers in container gardens, window boxes and hanging planters. We offer the highest quality of premium annuals and accent foliage, along with a wide variety of classic bedding annuals grown from seed here at the Garden Center.

All 4.5” green pots - $5.00/each, or 8/$38!

All 8” and 12” annual pots - buy 2, save $4.00!

All 14” annual pots - buy 2, save $8.00!


A perennial plant is one that lives for more than two years. Perennials grow and bloom through spring and summer, then die back during autumn and winter, returning again from their rootstock the next spring.

We carry all of your favorites including hostas, ferns, grasses and an endless assortment of flowering perennials. Our outdoor perennial department is stocked full in the spring and organized with informational signs by each variety for easy shopping. With hundreds of varieties to choose from, you'll certainly find what you need for that sun-filled or densely shaded spot in your landscape.

hanging baskets

From flowering hanging baskets to ferns, we have a great variety for both sun & shade porches. Also available - cocofiber liners, hanging baskets & macrame hangers!

All 8” hanging baskets - buy 2, save $6.00!

All 10” and 12” hanging baskets - buy 2, save $8.00!

All 14” hanging baskets - buy 2, save $16.00!